Company “Sense Selection” is founded in 2008 year and the main activity is providing various types of projects in agricultural sector.

The company mission is to develop agricultural sector in Georgia, supply with modern technologies, knowledge and resources in order to reach high quality level of manufacturing and competitive strength as in the local market, also at the international levels.

Also, the company produces new types of vegetable products that may be established on the Georgian market and make your business innovative and gain you high profits.

Company “Sense Selection” has several business directions: manufacturing vegetables in greenhouses, selling rare and exotic vegetable, fruit and other plant seeds, importing various agriculture machineries, cooperating with farmers and developing their business activities.  

The company is managed by founders and it is planned to reorganize from 2013 to Joint Stock Company and share part of its stocks to staff that have gained success and worked hard for their company.

We cooperate with several commercial, governmental and non-commercial organizations, that assist us to provide high-quality services to our customers, timely and qualified consulting for their business.

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